Italian Restaurant in Niceville Florida

Reservations are always recommended.

Although we do not require reservations it is recommended that you make a reservation so we can make sure you get a table. Sometimes we get people that walk in, even early in the evening, and want a table but we are unable to accommodate them because of existing reservations.

People often ask why they can’t sit at one of the empty tables they see after they are informed there are no tables available. If tables are reserved we can’t seat people at those tables because they would not be able to finish their meal and we would not be able to get the table ready for the guest that has made the reservation, it would not be fair to the walk-in guests or the guests that made reservations.

We understand that our walk-in guests may be disappointed that they can’t be seated and we are just as disappointed as they are, we hope that this helps to give a good explanation of why this happens sometimes.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

To make a reservation please call 850-678-8299.

Thank you all for your support. Without you, we could not succeed!

Warm Regards-

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